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At DBU, we believe in creating opportunities for your future while you find your place in the world. At our Dallas campus, you’ll find engaging classes, supportive staff, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and network with diverse people. We want you to feel at home on campus while bridging the gap between your culture and ours.
- Randy Byers,
Executive Director of
International Programs

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lessons in Leadership

     Over spring break, DBU students were given the unique educational experience to travel to Washington D.C. to learn about leadership in a real, hands-on way.

“…[DBU] students were exposed to important sites in Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Charlottesville, Virginia. Students were provided the opportunity to study leadership and power through an examination of the lives of America’s founding fathers.”  
 “Some of the notable sites which were visited include the White House, the Capitol building, Supreme Court building, and the Library of Congress… In several of the sites, students were afforded the opportunity to visit with national leaders and elected officials.…”

To read more about this unique educational experience offered to DBU students, click HERE

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What is a Certificate Program?

      Dallas Baptist University has opened a new Certificate program called “Business as Mission”

     The Certificate programs are for students who may have an Undergraduate or Graduate degree already, but just need a specific set of skills that can be completed in short time. Business as Mission will teach students how to incorporate business and missions together.

     Dr. Ross O’Brien, who is the Director of Center for Business as Missions, describes about the Business as Missions Certificate program more in detail as the following: 
     “As many people know, the mission of DBU involves integrating our faith in all that we do. It’s natural, then, that our business students would seek to integrate their faith with their work in the business world. The certificate in BAM provides students with an introduction to the study and practice of business as mission. Students will combine classroom study in missions, business as mission and social entrepreneurship as well as one course involving hands-on experience in an international location”.  

     If you are interested in this Certificate program, then please contact Dr. Ross O’Brien and his office at 214-333-5399214-333-5399 for more information.

     Also, please see all the certificate programs that we provide here at DBU: http://www3.dbu.edu/certificates

Friday, April 4, 2014

How DBU Prepares You

     One thing that sets DBU apart from many universities is that DBU not only focuses on academics, but also on other aspects of each individual as well. We work hard to transform every student’s heart, mind, and soul. Christian-faith integrated classes help students to grow in faith, while growing academically. DBU provides many tools for students in order to grow in every area of their lives.  
      For example, DBU provides Symposiums throughout each semester. The symposium topics vary from business to philosophy, and are provided for the DBU students, faculty, and staff! For example, on February 21st, Alissa Wilkinson from King’s College in New York City and the Chief Film Critic at Christianity Today presented “The Good Watcher: A Theology of Movies with Special Reference to The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.”You can read more about the Symposiums HERE

     Another great tool for growth provided by DBU is Spring Revival.    
     Spring Revival is a time for DBU students to learn more about the Christian faith and grow spiritually.  The focus of this Spring Revival is on Matthew 5 with an emphasis on being the “Salt and Light” in today’s culture.  The goal is to encourage and edify our students into a deeper understanding of who we are called to be in such a changing and negative atmosphere.  

     The speaker will be Jarret Stephens, who is the pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, and the worship leader will be Brett Younker, from Passion City Church.

     Please contact the BSM office at 214-333-5431 if you have any questions about Spring Revival!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Important Immigration Information

How Family Members Can Participate in Students’ Graduation Ceremony

The graduation season is approaching. It is a great moment to share and experience with family members, especially parents. How to apply for a B2 travel visa becomes a common topic among graduating students. 

The information below may help you to prepare for the visa application. 

 Tip 1: Students will need to prepare the following materials for family members
A.   Copies of the student’s passport, the F-1 Visa, and the I-20 (three pages)
B.   Official transcript of Dallas Baptist University
C.   A copy of the student ID
D.   Invitation letter (issued by students themselves)
E.   Student status letter
F.    Student taxes W-2 Tables (if applicable)

 Tip 2: Apply for a visa interview appointment.  For visa interview appointment information, please refer to United States embassy official website:
a)    Click on the link above.
b)    Click on the region of your choice
c)    Click on the country or city of your choice
d)    You will see “Visa(s)” at the top of the website. Click on it, and find detailed information. 

  Tip 3: Please be sure to prepare any additional documents listed on the Embassy website.

We hope you have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you and your family at DBU!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do you know Brian Hull?

More than 8 million views on Youtube in less than 2 weeks!

That sounds like a celebrity on Youtube, right? Well, one of our own DBU students is a Youtube sensationalist!

Source: star-telegram.com
     Our DBU music student, Brian Hull, became a celebrity within a week! Here is a video of Brian singing “Let it go,” a song from a movie called Frozen. You MUST watch this first before I tell you more about him. He impersonates many different characters from Disney and Pixar.

      We found at least 9 different websites that have shared Brian’s video! These websites include Yahoo, The Telegraph, Broadwayworld.com, USA Today, Metro.co.uk, and many more!!

     Brian was also interviewed by Channel 8 News, a local News station in Dallas, in the recording studio after his "Disney and Pixar Sings Let It Go" video reached over 5 million views in just 4 days. Brian also had an interview scheduled with Disney, after they viewed his video on Youtube!

     As you can see, DBU’s music program develops excellent musicians! You can find out more about the music program HERE!

Brian, we are so proud of how you are representing DBU!