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At DBU, we believe in creating opportunities for your future while you find your place in the world. At our Dallas campus, you’ll find engaging classes, supportive staff, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and network with diverse people. We want you to feel at home on campus while bridging the gap between your culture and ours.
- Randy Byers,
Executive Director of
International Programs

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New IEP Students Arrive!

We are excited to have new IEP students on campus for the first term of the Fall Semester! They have come from all over the world to attend our Intensive English Program and they are getting to know their professors, classrooms, and learning more about studying in the United States. 

For this new IEP semester we have around 60 new students and around 80 in total, counting the returning students from previous semesters!

The first part of the registration starts at the Department of International Admissions & Immigration Office, also know as DIAI. This is very exciting for students because this is the first time that many of them finally get to meet their admissions counselor; this is the person who helped them during the application process when they were still in their home country. (Learn more about our Counselors HERE). Students will complete all of the immigration paperwork and receive information in our office before proceeding.

At the International Office, also referred to as the IO, student workers and staff help the students with important information about the program the students are in.


During the first week, there are had several orientation sessions held in the IO where new students learn about life in the United States. The topics of these sessions range from: getting a phone, opening a bank account, and knowing how to be prepared for different situations they may encounter in a new country. There are also group meals during the day, where students have the opportunity to get to know one another over breakfast and lunch.

These are some of the students that just arrived to start a new IEP term!

Carolina Vildoso, Chile
Hallisson Texeira, Brazil

Jessica Dao, Vietnam
Mary Romero, Peru

Kazunoa Kusachi, Japan
Priscila Martínez, Mexico

Boxin Zhou, China
Tae Young Cho, South Korea

Divya Zimbachiya, India

Before classes start, the new students take different tests to determine which level they will be in. This IEP term officially started  on August 12th. The next IEP term will start on October 15th.

 Now classes have already started! We welcome our new IEP students and we wish them a happy and fruitful semester!

Learn more about our IEP program HERE!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Students from China visit DBU!

During the past few days we had two groups of Chinese students visiting our University and exploring the campus.

The first group came on August 6th from Hunter Glen Baptist Church in Plano. This church has hosted them for an English summer camp that lasts three weeks. One of the students they hosted a few years ago will actually attend DBU this Fall! 

There were 78 students from mainland China that came to DBU as one of their stops in America. They have been visiting other cities and Universities as well. Many of the middle school and high school students, aged 14 to 17, were from the Cheng Du area.

The second group of 20 students came from the International Leadership of Texas High School. They have just arrived to the country and will be studying in that high school for 10 months. Most of them are from Shanghai.

The purpose of their visit was for the students to know more about the American culture, how the education system works here, and to learn more about DBU. 

During their stay, the students walked around the campus to visit our Chapel, baseball stadium, Mac Computer Lab, recording studio, Town homes, and the dorms.

Group 1:

 Group 2:

The students also had time to play some games, meet the International Office staff, and learn more about DBU and the programs we offer.

We were very happy to get to know these students and show them our University and DBU family. We hope to see them soon!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chinese Valentine's Day: Love Stories at DBU

Chinese Valentine's Day called Qixi is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar.

The origin of this festival comes from a love story in Chinese mythology. Cow-herd boy and weaver girl, the daughter of a goddess, fell in love when she escaped from boring heaven to look for fun. However, their love was not allowed by the goddess and they were separated. Now every year, on the day of the festival, they are allowed to see each other again. This year, the Chinese Valentine's Day is on August 2, 2014, but it changes every year. Next year the festival will take place on August 20th.

Nowadays, the Western Valentine's day on February 14th is also celebrated in China, mainly in the big cities, and of course the commercial sector has taken advantage of these two dates to sell many chocolates and flowers.

To celebrate this festival we want to share with you some beautiful love stories that have happened at DBU with some of our Chinese students!

Gary and Nathalie Lu:

They met on campus through a mutual friend from Beijing, his name is Michael. Many people thought Gary was brave for pursuing an American girl, but actually it was their shared faith that brought them together. Nathalie had two friends from China visiting her, and Gary invited them to his Chinese church in Bedford. The rest of the week they went to all of Nathalie’s favorite restaurants in the area and shopped at her most-enjoyed stores while Gary helped her in translation. When it was time for her friends to leave, Gary drove the three girls to the airport, where he and Nathalie prayed with them for their flight, and drove Nathalie back to DBU. The rest is history! The two are married now and have hopes to have many children and raise them in different countries. Gary studies computer science and works in the IT department, while Nathalie studies teaching ESL and works in the International Office.

Jacob and Joan Zhang:

Jacob and Joan met each other at CCF (Chinese Christian Fellowship) at DBU, which is a great place for new students to learn about the gospel and makes friends with other Chinese students. They see DBU as a turning point in their lives, since it was their first stop in America. It was the beginning of a new stage for them. They feel like God has brought them all the way from the other side of the earth to meet here. They fell in love and got married all while at DBU! They said they have been very blessed by professors, faculty, and students at DBU. Some of the friends they met at DBU have become their lifelong friends and they say that when the door opens, they will return to China and fulfill God's calling for both of them.

Rahul and Spring Shah:

Rahul is from India and Spring is from China. They both came at the same time for the Intensive English program. Apart from being classmates, they were conversation partners. Since they had to talk about themselves as conversation partners they got to know each other and became good friends as they shared their love for God and for DBU. They also got to know each other more while traveling with a group as part of Glowing Hearts Ministries through DBU and South Park Church, being team leaders with different groups of people in different states and sharing about their faith. After being in a relationship for three years, they got married, and now they have a beautiful 8-month-old son, David!

Read a previous post about Spring and her experience at DBU!

Owen Ou and Stella Wu:

Stella: "Owen and I have been together since we were freshmen in College. He is an extrovert and good at making friends, but I am more of an introvert. It is hard to get along with a person who is totally opposite from you sometimes, but fortunately, we have learned to overcome these things together. Before we graduated from the College, we had thought about studying abroad. It was Owen who encouraged me to seek a higher education degree, and thankfully, both of us are on the same track right now. Studying at DBU has not only built up our academic knowledge but also our spiritual lives. Owen was also baptized last summer and we also got married on that same day! All the things that we have gone through together have been under God's mercy so that our relationships can grow stronger and stronger. To me, it is such a blessing to be with him!" (Stella and Owen are now expecting a baby boy!)

We are very happy and excited to see that lives are changed at DBU. Watching lifelong bonds come to life on our campus is priceless!

Happy Qixi Festival to all our Chinese Students!

Share your story or tell us how you celebrate this festival. We would love to hear from you!