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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Experience Overseas: Trip to Argentina!

Dr. Mark Alexander from the Master of Arts in Global Leadership is a guest writer for our Blog this time. He will tell us about the experience a group from DBU had in Argentina recently.

 Tanner Stevens, one of the DBU students who went to this trip also shares his favorite moments with us!

What do Brenda Peña, Tanner Stevens, and Cassandra Clark all have in common?  Well, besides all being DBU students, they participated in a travel/study trip to Argentina May 17 – June 1.  

The trip provided the opportunity to visit the cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba and included some sightseeing in downtown Buenos Aires and the area of La Boca, and downtown Córdoba and its colonial Cabildo.  

This was a study trip, however, so the students also participated in a series of lectures at the International Baptist Theological Seminary where they learned about the history of evangelical work in Argentina, as well as what is taking place currently, especially as it relates to the sending of cross-cultural workers from Argentina to other parts of the world.  The students got to hear from cross-cultural workers who have been in Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan.  All three students also worked in the library each afternoon, helping with the never ending tasks of shelving, cataloging, and inventorying. 

The second week was spent in Córdoba, both in the City and in the Province of Córdoba in the localities of Río Ceballos, Santa Elena, Gutenberg, and Villa María.  In each of these places the students had opportunities to share testimonies, songs, and Bible stories while working alongside local congregations in their outreach efforts. DBU provides these travel/study opportunities with several objectives in mind.  In the first place, students broaden their horizons and understand others and themselves better when they interact with another culture.  Secondly, students are able to serve others with their gifts and abilities.  Third, students learn from others, people who are also effectively involved in reaching out both at home and cross-culturally. 

Dr. Mark Alexander, 
Assistant Professor of Missions, 
Cook Graduate School of Leadership

Tanner Stevens, an Undergraduate student joined the trip through a Spanish Literature class. He shared his favorite experiences with us:

"We arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday the 18th of May and stayed there for a week.We stayed in apartments next to the Baptist theological seminary that we studied at for that week. It was a new experience because they didn’t have central heating or ready hot water so I had to learn how to make it just right so I did not burn myself in the shower, haha.

     I loved the food there in Argentina too, it was so good! The bread and spreadable cheese, and the "Agua con gas" (Sprinkle water) were the best things! We have club soda here in the states that is kinda like this but agua con gas is so much better.

    During the day from 9 AM- 12 PM I studied Spanish literature with my teacher, Karen Alexander, while Cassandra Clark and Brenda Peña studied “Misionología” with their teacher Mark Alexander. Before we left we got to see the “El Camino” which was a very tourist riddled place. There were a lot of people dancing tango there and a lot of places to go shopping.

    The second week we went to Cordoba which was my favorite part of the trip. During this week we did more “mission work” and we also got to eat "locro" on the 25th of May, which is a national holiday in Argentina. Locro is a dish kinda like a corn chowder that is only made on this day. The people we met in Cordoba were so friendly and we were welcomed as one of their own."

    - Tanner Stevens

    Some facts about Argentina: (Wikipedia)

  •     Population: 42,610,981
  •     Capital: Buenos Aires
  •     Total Area:
    1,073,518 (sq miles)
                       2,780,400 (sq kilometers) 
  •     Currency: Argentine peso (ARS) 

    These trips are coordinated through the Global Leadership Program, which is a Master's degree. They are counted as a 3 credit hours for the degree and it is called "Global Leadership Practicum". It can be taken by both Graduate and Undergraduate students, as was the case this last time. Students pay for the class and travel expenses but Housing and trip plan are managed by the Global Leadership office.

    This experienced is thought to be a cultural, academic, and ministerial experience where the sharing of cultures will enrich both sides through a mutual learning.

    Learn more about the Global Leadership Program on our Website following THIS LINK. 

    You can also call their office at 214-333-5508 for further information about the program. They will be happy to talk to you about it!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Alumni Story: Spring Deng

Spring Deng graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and she is now working as School Manager in a Bilingual School in Plano, Texas. She talked to us and told us about her experience at DBU.

Spring is from China, and she first started in the Intensive English Program (IEP) before starting her Master's program (Learn more about the IEP HERE)

When she came to DBU, she was not sure if she really wanted to become a teacher, although she had been teaching for some years in China already. She knew that becoming a teacher was a possibility, but during her time at DBU, the call became very clear. She says DBU was a great part of this because of the positive environment, the help she received, and the nice and caring professors that encouraged her and showed her their passion for teaching.

Once she started her academic classes, they would have small group activities where her leadership skills were tested and developed. She was very shy to talk in front of other people, even more so because English was not her first language. Although it was difficult, she said that those activities were very important components to her training! Her call to leadership was reinforced and embraced

While she was still studying at DBU, she got an Internship at ABC Day School in Plano, Texas, a Bilingual Christian School. After she graduated, she was hired by them and a year later, she was promoted as a School Manager. Now, she works in the administration field.

She also met her husband Rahul, from India, while she was studying at DBU. They came to the United States on the same day, and were then classmates in the IEP program where they were also conversation partners. They became good friends as they shared their love for God and for DBU. After being in a relationship for three years, they got married, and now they have a beautiful 8-month-old son, David.

She got to meet friends from many different countries, as well as American students, who helped her to learn about different cultures and how to communicate effectively with others. She was also part of the Glowing Hearts Ministries through DBU, and South Park Church, where they traveled around the States and shared about Jesus with people. Even when it was scary for her sometimes, she says that it was a huge part of her development as a leader and a teacher. DBU was like a bridge to the outside world for her, and it helped her become a better leader through the different opportunities she had.

DBU is very proud of Spring, and it is always exciting to know how DBU alumni are changing lives and successfully impacting the community wherever they go! 

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